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Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” BETA Cinnamon and MATE released

Today Linux Mint 17.3 BETA Cinnamon and MATE versions were released.

Just like 17.0 / 17.1 and 17.2 this is a LTS version based on Ubuntu 14.0x LTS, with newer versions of Cinnamon and MATE desktop environment.

You can read the official announcements here :
Linux Mint 17.3 BETA Cinnamon
Linux Mint 17.3 BETA MATE

The final versions can be expected by the end of the month.

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As years go bye

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Alpha to Final

When the code name for Ubuntu 16.04 was revealed, I changed the repositories from 15.10 (Wily) immediately to 16.04 (Xenial).
Yesterday I got the first updates.
I have Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu both running in Virtualbox.

In this post I’ll keep you informed about the progress.

Update 27 october 2015 :

MATE version had about 100 MB updates, Xubuntu about 200 MB.

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75.000 visitors

Today I got my 75.000th visitor on my blog. It’s not very much, but it is a nice round number ;)
Most visited posts and pages at 75.000 hits :

Top posts and pages

Top posts and pages

Day view

Day view

Week view

Week view

Month view

Month view



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Ubuntu 15.10 MATE beta

Just installed this version in Virtualbox. Although it’s a beta, it’s already very stable.

The reason I installed it is because this is the last version before 16.04, the next Ubuntu LTS, which will be the base for Linux Mint 18 LTS.

Ubuntu 16.04 will be available in april 2016, Linux Mint as usual about 1 month later.

I’ll keep this version running until the first alpha of 16.04 so I can see how it develops.

Some screenshots :

Login Screen

Login screen

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Main Menu

Main Menu

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Switching from Debian GNU/Linux to Linux Mint 17.2 LTS

Yes I’m switching from Debian GNU/Linux to Linux Mint 17.2 LTS. Although Debian GNU/Linux is still my favorite, Linux Mint has at the moment 1 big advantage for me :

I can easily switch between English and Spanish, something that I can’t manage in Debian, maybe I’m overlooking something ;)

Why is that important? I’m studying Spanish and Linux System Administration, so it’s very handy when my computers can easily switch between those languages ;)

One thing that doesn’t change is the desktop, I’ll stick to MATE.

How long will I stay with Linux Mint? Well that’s hard to say, both studies are going to take some time. As long as I’m studying I’ll stick to Mint, or in the mean time it must be possible to switch easily languages in Debian GNU/Linux.

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Reinstalling Windows XP and changing the language

If you need to reinstall Windows XP but you can’t find your key anymore, don’t panic, there is a solution ;)

On this website are instructions how to do it.

Ever wanted to change the system language? Here are instructions how to do it.

Both solutions I’ve tried in Virtualbox and they work, but :

After installing XP DON’T upgrade your system.

First activate your system, then install the Service Pack in the desired language, reboot and get the latest updates (yes, updating still works)

On my system almost everything is in English, some folder names are still in Dutch but they can be renamed.

Windows XP must be considered UNSAFE, use it only if you have no other option.

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My virtual machines

After I quit with Windows 10 I reinstalled my other virtual machines, except Windows 7. From the top :

Debian testing : This will be the next stable version of Debian GNU/Linux. I like to see what is going to happen and how the development goes on. [GNOME desktop}

Huayra : It’s an Argentine Linux, based on Debian stable, made for education in Argentina. By default everything is in Spanish, but if you know the root password you can add any language you want ;) [MATE desktop]

Linux Mint Debian Edition : As the name says, Based on Debian stable instead of Ubuntu. A bit more difficult then the main edition, but easier to install and config then Debian. [Cinnamon desktop]

Linux Mint LTS : The main edition, based on Ubuntu LTS. Very well finished and easy to install for beginners. [Xfce desktop]

Ubuntu LTS : Ubuntu LTS = Long Term Support. LTS versions get 5 years security updates. Although it’s not very important for personnel use (every 2 year a LTS version is released), for businesses it’s important. Based on Debian, it’s a robust and user friendly Linux. [MATE desktop]

openSUSE : A very solid Linux version. Instead of the Debian package management system (.deb) it uses the Red Hat package management system (.rpm). I only use this version for study, so I can work with both package systems. [GNOME desktop]

Windows 7 : Unfortanately I need sometimes Windows, for example to DeDRM an Ebook. Although I don’t like Windows, this one is the best you can get at the moment.

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Exit Windows 10

Yes, you see it right, I quit with the Tech Preview of Windows 10.

When I started with it back in march it looked good. That every keystroke was logged and sent to Microsoft didn’t bother me, for crashreports it was usefull.

But by the end of july Windows 10 was officially released, unfortunately the logging kept going on.

Lately I was wondering my self if I really wanted to go on testing a product from a company that kept spying on his customers. Yesterday I made my decision, I quit with Windows 10 and deleted it from Virtualbox, maybe I’ll give it a new try in a couple of years from now.

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New Ebooks

Spanish Learning Bundle: Learn Spanish Guide + Spanish Vocabulary

As you can read in my profile, I’m learning Spanish. But at the moment I’m not making much progress, so I bought this bundle at Amazon. Hoping it will help me make more and faster progress.

Of course it’s in the Kindle format with DRM, but with Calibre I’ve made it DRMfree and converted it to Epub, so I can use it also on my ereader.

ErichVonDanikenChariotsOfTheGodsChariots of the Gods – Erich von Däniken

Chariots of the Gods is a book authored in 1968 by Erich von Däniken. It involves the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods.

Read the book when I was young(er), finally I bought me a copy, of course in digital format ;)

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